ELE UK Conference session

ELE-UK es una asociación de profesores de español en universidades y centros de formación de profesorado ELE en el Reino Unido

ELE-UK aims to be a platform for colleagues specialised in Spanish language teaching to meet and share their expertise and experience in the field.

Criteria and Reviewers

Ventana abierta is a peer-reviewed blog devoted to the teaching and learning of Spanish.

Ventana abierta aims to disseminate research, thoughts, projects, etc. of ELE-UK members to a broad audience. Contributors need to be members of ELE-UK or guest writers proposed by a member and approved by the editors.

Instructions to authors:

  • The manuscript must be your own original work
  • Length: 700-1,000 words
  • Non-academic, informative style

Editorial Committee:

  • Lourdes Hernández-Martín, LSE
  • Amparo Lallana, Regent´s University


  • Pablo Martínez Gila, Cervantes Institute-London
  • Manuel Lagares, University of Nottingham
  • Javier Cuetara, UNAM
  • Isabel Pérez Lamigueiro, UCL
  • María Blanco, University of Westminster
  • Rocío Díaz Bravo, Universidad de Granada
  • Paula de Santiago, LSE and King´s College
  • Mara Fuertes Gutierrez, Open University